UMBC Forest Plot Data Published in Ecology

Representing several person-years worth of work (and several actual years, too!) our UMBC Forest Plot data paper and dataset is now published in the ESA journal Ecology as a Data Paper  The dataset includes a census of all woody stems greater than or equal to 1 centimeter in diameter at breast height (DBH) at the Knoll and Herbert Run sites at UMBC.  In total roughly 7000 stems were mapped, tagged, measured, and identified to species.  The dataset is made available free to the public at the link above in the format of the CTFS Forest Geo Forest Dynamics Network.  Check out the paper and dataset and have a look at the forests of UMBC (Link to Forest Plot Site), patchy forests within an urban / suburban matrix that while lacking the biodiversity or glamour of other locations, still provide important services to ecosystems in the surrounding anthropogenic landscape.


Dandois, J. P., D. Nadwodny, E. Anderson, A. Bofto, M. Baker, and E. C. Ellis. 2015. Forest census and map data for two temperate deciduous forest edge woodlot patches in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Ecology 96:1734-1734.

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Comment by Erle Ellis on June 9, 2015 at 3:06pm

Way to go Jonathan!

Comment by Sanjeev Kumar Mittal on February 28, 2017 at 1:56am


It seems the data site of Ecosynth is down. We are trying to learn this tool to use it in our study of biomass calculations in our campus of IISc Bangalore.

It would be great if we can get access to sample dataset images so that we can understand the working of the tools as such. We shall be thankful for accessing the datasets. Kindly let us know.



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