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Public opinions

What is a way to better inform the public of our goals? How do we prevent misinformed people from compromising our work? For my blog post this week I want to talk about one of the issues I have seen while working in the field. Sometimes people come to our plots and rip tags off trees or remove flagging etc. How…


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Tree Tagging

For my blog this week I looked up different methods of tree tagging. The main problems that come with tagging are finding a cost effective, durable, and environmentally friendly way to mark the trees but still be able to identify each tree relatively fast. There are multiple methods but each method has ups and downs.…


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Forest inventory

This week I did a little research into forestry techniques and found an interesting powerpoint with helpful tips that go over creating a forest inventory from the rainforest coalition. This powerpoint goes over aspects such as plot size, shape, area stratification, and dealing with slopes

. I…


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This weekend I found the heights of some trees in the knoll so I did some research to better understand how exactly a hypsometer works. Modern hypsometers like the TruPulse model we use in the lab fire a laser to establish a triangle then use trigonometry to calculate the exact…


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Thought question about 3D mapping

At what point does a map and 3D scans of an area lose value? How old can a 3D scan be to be used as reference? When should maps and 3D scans be updated to reflect changes in the landscape? 

While doing some field work this week I ran into an issue and thought of a…


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Tree Locations

Today I went to the knoll to work on getting the locations of some of the street trees near the commons garage. This was my first trip for field work by myself and I found it fun to get in the lab and have to figure out  what to do on my own without having anyone to help.…


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TLS Scanning

Today I helped Andrew, Jonathan, and Yu move some equipment for a TLS (terrestrial laser scan) of Herbert run; the gear was quite heavy (300 lbs.). I was unable to for the day so I decided to do a little research myself to understand the purpose more.

TLS uses…


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SERC Field Day

This album is from the field day at SERC. I found the sights to be quite beautiful as well as the weather.

Find more photos like this on…


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More Flight Training

After more practice this week was able to maneuver the copter through some tight spaces. This becomes increasingly difficult as the battery dies and the copter becomes more sensitive to inputs.

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First Week

So for my first week of being an actual intern I spent my time practicing various techniques using the flight simulator such as hovering in one place and flying in different orientations. I feel that I have been improving. …


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