The tree identification process on the UMBC campus is coming to an end. We have approximately 45 trees that need to be identified before we add the finishing touches on our data collection. With the amount of diverse species present on campus, it helps to know their general distribution in our area. I was looking through a few sites to find possible tree species distribution maps and I found this.

The USGS, with most of the maps compiled by Elbert Little, has collected maps and ArcView® shapefiles of a massive portion of the tree species found in the U.S. Each species is listed by its common and latin name. These maps should help to narrow down the categories of species that could be present in forests in a particular area. Although, it should be noted that not all of the maps have been digitized, and they are working to add to the list over time. Obviously some species may exist outside of these areas, but they can still serve as guidelines.

The image of the distribution map of White Oaks (Quercus alba) was retrieved from the USGS site.

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