The Canopy Biomass LiDAR (CBL) is an ultra-portable terrestrial scanner developed by Rochester Institute of Technology and refined by University of Massachusetts, Boston.

On the 4th November, 2013, the CBL was deployed at Bussey Brooks Meadow, MA. The aim was to provide some mid- and under-story structural information to compliment a concurrent UAV fly-over.

The understory was fairly dense, and the wind was fairly high, which produces some occlusion artifacts in the data (see images below: look for "sprays" off the edge of objects). These can be removed by post-processing, and the various scans combined to counter-act occlusion. Ecological variables can then be calculated from the scans.

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Comment by Erle Ellis on December 10, 2013 at 5:53pm

Very cool!  Great work Ian & the UMB Team!


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