For my blog this week I looked up different methods of tree tagging. The main problems that come with tagging are finding a cost effective, durable, and environmentally friendly way to mark the trees but still be able to identify each tree relatively fast. There are multiple methods but each method has ups and downs. The aluminum tags we use in the lab are effective but if not monitored will become swallowed by the tree it is attached to. After researching a bit I found various shapes and colors of plastic tags and even metal tags that are stamped into a tree with a magnetic hammer. One method that would be interesting to use would be RFID system. Theses tags are small electronic chips that store data about the tree they are tagged to and are connected to a network where the data that they store can be accessed anytime. Although the RFID tags are way too expensive for ecosynth it is interesting to see the amount of care is put into deciding simply how a tree is identified. It will be interesting to see how in the future technology will influence forestry work.  

Link to different types of Tree tags

Link to RFID tagging

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