I recently starting playing with the Photoscan Python API and adapted a nice little script from the forums for running a job in Photoscan, saving and exporting points and all the while recording time stamps for the entire process.  

Previously we had used a screen capture software to try to generate a video of the Photoscan progress bar and the computer system clock.  Then we would have to go back and piece out when the job stopped running.

I have adapted this script to include time stamps at each major stage of the processing, similar to how we have it coded in the Ecosynther shell script.  The script even saves the Photoscan job file and exports a PLY point cloud file, ready for processing.

The user simply needs to modify the path line for their project (line 14), open Photoscan, load the script (Tools > Run Script), provide the project name as an argument and hit OK.   This is going to make running and timing Photoscan jobs a lot easier and more consistent.


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Comment by Cassidy Rankine on September 22, 2015 at 10:50pm

 Ive been struggling myself trying to figure out exactly how long processing steps are taking in Photscan. This is really handy, thanks Jonathan!


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