This summer we were very fortunate to have Andrew Bofto on our forestry team to  layout the 25 x 25m inventory grid with a surveying total station.  This fall however he moved on to another lab to follow his love for hydrology.  Before he left he had trained me on a Sokkia total station so I could shoot the center points needed to complete our tree inventory.  Shortly thereafter though the Sokkia, which was on loan from CUERE, had to be returned. We had to blow the dust off the Sokkisha Set 4A, an older version of the Sokkia, and begin training on the unfamiliar equipment.  Thanks to efforts by Dana Boyd we were able to track down a copy of the original manual and get to work.  After some trial and error on my part I was able successfully operate the station as well as train Natalie Cheetoo to do the same.  In addition, we used this opportunity to train our new rod-woman, Maeve Tilly.  All and all not a bad job for four ladies with surveying skills ranging from minimal to none.

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