Happy belated holiday folks!

While visiting my parents in downstate NY for the holidays, I couldn't help but think of Ecosynth.

This area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I decided to take a long hike around the pretty sizable woods around my house (seen in the image to the right). I spent most of my childhood exploring these woods and have never forgotten what it is like to walk through the forest.

It was incredible to see how different the forest is now due to the hurricane. There are fallen trees everywhere. Some are completely uprooted, others have split, some are only standing because they are being supported by the branches of other trees.

Visually seeing the impacts of a major disturbance (hurricane/tropical storm) on a forest in the NE U.S. is incredible. It is exciting to think that we will soon be able to actually measure and quantify changes such as the creation of canopy gaps. It's just another useful application for Ecosynth. 

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