There had been a bottle neck in the field work due to a lack of center points which is critical for our field method. We had the total station Sokkisha to do the center points, however no one was familiar with how to use it correctly. Dana asked me to learn how to use it by reading the manual. Having no prior knowledge of total stations I found this to be a challenge but I was also excited to learn a new skill.  The manual was somewhat long and mildly confusing. I was able to gather the information to set up the total station and set the angle to 0 and 45 degrees.  The big problem occurred when I tried to shoot the laser off the prism to get the distance.  Dana figured out the problem and along with learning more about Sokkisha and training herself, trained me to use Sokkisha to do center points as well.  These are just a few thoughts and tips from using Sokkisha.

  • I think Sokkisha, even though is an older model is a valuable piece of equipment.
  • It is not super hard to use, especially if you have someone to point out important steps and tips.
  • the hardest and most time consuming part to do is setting up the total station which involves making sure the tri pod is level and directly above a corner point, and making sure the head (Sokkisha) is also level.
  • When not calculating distances, Sokkisha should be in theodolite mode to measure angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. Before you attempt to measure the distance Sokkisha needs to be in basic mode.
  • It is also important to lock the vertical and horizontal movement of Sokkisha when necessary to avoid altering the angle or distance.

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