Monitoring tropical forest recovery with Ecosynth - must read in Biological Conservation!

The Editors of Biological Conservation have selected our article as their must-read choice for volume 186, published in June 2015. The article is free to download until 27 August 2015. Richard Primack elaborates on this selection with:

“The rapidly expanding use of unmanned vehicles to monitor vegetation and other aspects of biodiversity is an exciting development in conservation biology. This article also demonstrates that bird abundance can be estimated using data gathered by UAVs.”

Download the article here for free from ScienceDirect

The link at Biological Conservation:


Zahawi, R., J. P. Dandois, K. D. Holl, D. Nadwodny, L. J. Reid, and E. C. Ellis. 2015. Using lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor tropical forest recovery. Biological Conservation 186:287–295.

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Comment by Wes Davidson on June 19, 2015 at 5:23pm

Thanks for the share, Erie - I am trying to figure out something like this in South East Queensland, having just completed the UAV build  and beginning to capture data




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