We are happy to announce the release of source code and an Amazon EC2 AMI instance of the Ecosynther v0.8 SFM pipeline.  Ecosynther is a free and open-source computer vision structure from motion (SFM) software package that can be used to generate 3D point cloud models and related products from copter or ground based imagery.
Ecosynther v0.8 can use GPS locations to significantly speed up processing times. 
Source code for Ecosynther v0.8 is available at code.ecosynth.org/ecosynther_release. However, it is probably far easier to run on Amazon using the pre-built EC2 AMI instance. Follow the instructions here, and look for the public AMI instance named UMBC_Ecosynther_v0.8.
The package is built off of many other open-source packages and is designed to speed up the process of SFM reconstruction by using the computer's GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).  More info can be found at code.ecosynth.org/ecosynther_release/wiki/Home.

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Comment by Erle Ellis on March 12, 2014 at 11:23am

This is great news!   A big speedup!

Looking forward to lots of great user feedback here!


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