Ecosynth Wiki Update & Training Workshop

The last few weeks have been an exciting time for the Ecosynth Project with the release of a greatly updated Wiki and a successful training workshop for folks from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD).

The data collection and processing sections of the Ecosynth Wiki now include our latest procedures and protocols.  Detailed instructions are provided on conducting Ecosynth missions and multiple data processing methods including the use of Ecosynther (0.8) our open-source 3D computer vision software.  We also added a tutorial on the new 3DRobotics X8 platform.

From March 14 to 17, we hosted 3 students (Manuel Colon-Amador, Michalis Pirokkas, Hector Tarrido-Picart) and GSD's Design Data Librarian (Janina Mueller) for our first Ecosynth Training Workshop.  The workshop lasted 4 days and included X8 setup & calibration, UAV flight training, and remote sensing data collection & processing.  Despite heavy winds and a snow storm the Harvard folks were able to successfully conduct and process a full Ecosynth mission following the Wiki instructions & tutorials. 

We look forward seeing great Ecosynth scans from the Harvard GSD and to training more folks in the near future.  

Please email us if you are interested in getting trained to scan your own landscapes in 3D with Ecosynth!

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