Ecosynth training flies through UAV and 3D modeling basics

An Ecosynth training was held at UMBC in December 2015 with participants from the GES graduate school and faculty of UMBC and UMCP. The training first organized a pre-flight checklist and reviewed flight safety measures including mention of current FAA regulations. In addition to the mechanics of lightweight UAV flight, participants developed and executed their own flight plan using Mission Planner software. Students practiced basic maneuvering of the lightweight UAV by manual takeoff, flight control and landing.  After the flight, photos were georeferenced using Ecosynth methods and processed into 3D models using structure from motion.

Participants left the training excited to apply their new skill set toward ecological and landscape applications. 

Participants included
Adam Dixon - UMBC PhD student
Alex Rittle - UMBC PhD student
Jacob Czawlytko - UMBC undergraduate research assistant
Matt Fagan - UMBC Geography & Environmental Systems Professor
Jonathon Resop - UMCP Lecturer MPSGIS - Geographical Sciences

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Comment by Sanjeev Kumar Mittal on February 28, 2017 at 1:45am


We are trying to learn ecosynth tool and perform a study in our campus to calculate the biomass. For that we are not able to access sample dataset of images for Ecosynth tool. It would be great if we can gain access of the same.

Kindly let us know.
Thanks in advance,


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