We have flown the equivalent of once a week for an entire year over 3 250m x 250m sample sites with the same two copters: an investment of around $5000 in copter and flying gear. 

I ran some quick numbers from our flight logs and came up with a few fun statistics.  We have logged at least 230 mission days, and 315 total flights. I have to expect that some missions were not logged, but I think this is a decent number. This accounts for at least 2100 flight minutes, or 36 hours. Again, this is an underestimate as we did not do a good job of logging flight time before 2013.

The biggest discovery is that we currently have at least 11 hours and at least 80 flights per copter on the two v5.0 Hexa Mikrokopter-Arducopter Hybrids, more or less without incident.  That is the equivalent of flying once a week over each of our 3 standard sites for an entire year!  Many of these flights have been conducted in the past few months as we flew lots of reps (5-10 flights per day) to test flight conditions to learn how to fly missions more effectively for observing forest canopies in 3D.  I can't imagine what we would be able to learn about forests by capturing 3D-RGB scans every week at multiple sites over an entire year!  

That's the weekend update!  Yes, that is my car on the field...

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