Can I borrow your IPhone... for forest thermal imaging?

I read about the new FlirOne personal Thermal infrared (IR) imager / iPhone attachment in the SkyMall magazine (I know!) on a recent flight and had to check it out.  This little gizmo attaches to an iPhone and sends a Thermal IR signal to the camera so that a user can image heat and temperature differences.  

Measuring the thermal properties of vegetation, in particular leaves, provides useful information on plant biological activity, health, and stress and a hand-held thermal camera like this could be a value addition to an Ecosynth computer vision ecologist's toolkit.  I would love to strap one on a copter and fly over the canopy here in Panama at different times of the day (night-time flights anyone?).

It looks like the FlirOne is only sold in the U.S. right now and only for iPhones for $349, but I think an iPhone with a FlirOne is a reasonable research purchase, right?

So can I borrow an iPhone to send it a few hundred feet above the forest?

Image Credit: FLIR Systems Inc.

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