Hi folks.  I made my first arducopter hexa flight with a camera yesterday.  It was successful in that I obtained imagery, however the image quality was not satisfactory.  I'd like to get advice from the group on camera settings, which I think may be the problem.

There are two examples here.  The image on the left is from the auto land sequence, when the arducopter was maintaining constant latitude/longitude.  I feel that this looks pretty crisp, which leads me to believe that the camera was focused relatively well.  However when navigating waypoints, the photos were blurred like the one on the right.  I think this is probably due to waypoint navigation, i.e. arducopter movement in the x or y directions.  The waypoint navigation speed was set to 5 m/s for this flight.

I'm wondering what camera settings might need adjustment.  On my PowerShot A3300 IS, it looks like I can adjust the ISO speed.  The ISO for these images was 80, which looks to be on the low end of possible settings.  The manual recommends increasing the ISO speed to reduce image blurring.  Do you all have any advice on ISO speeds or other ways to reduce image blurring?

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Comment by Stephen Klosterman on September 17, 2012 at 9:44am

Thanks Jonathan.  I did use infinity focus.  However it did not seem like I would be able to set the shutter speed through the interface on my camera (Powershot A3300 IS).  I think this may be something I can do with the CHDK, which I'm starting to explore now.


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