Agisoft Photo detection and side overlap


I am a new Ecosynther. I am following your papers for designing  and improving last year's flight plans. AgiSoft.JPG here is a screen shot of photo list shown in Agisoft photo viewer window. These photos were taken from a lodgepole pine stand. Agisoft can't read most of the images, as only a few are ticked (according to my understanding). Please advise me how can I make these photos readable to Agisoft. This year I am to re-fly the drone in the same site, therefore, what will be the best timing to get the images of such pine stand? IMy study area is in the cypress hills forest, Saskatchewan,Canda. 

I am using Phantom 2 vision+ for collecting the images. I am not sure how to calculate side overlaps, as it has a fisheye lens.



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