AeroSim-RC Includes Multirotors and Detailed Training

I stumbled across the software AeroSim-RC today and think it is exactly what we need in the lab to train our Ecosynth experts for flying.

It includes several models of multirotor and what looks like a really comprehensive training / lesson program that tracks progress and accomplishment of training levels in an intuitive way.

On top of all that, it is regularly updated with new models, allows you to use your own controller, and costs $100!

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Comment by Dan Cassell on April 5, 2013 at 3:05pm

I checked out the best I could.. 2 min demo, but I was able to complete most of the training and check out the copters. The great thing is that it has a bunch of them, tri-prop to oct-copters.

physics is good.
The copter have both Acro and stabilization flight modes.
In stabilization mode, the copters react accurately as the real copter except for take off.
Copters properties and characteristics are editable with good detail, so tailoring a copter further is possible.
Tutorials are short but good for training. (I went through a bunch of them)
Features Altitude Hold, and various other gimmicks.
Has damage to copters for crashing.
Using a real controller gives consistent conditions to trainee.

Graphic are rather cheap and the interface looks like it could have been developed 20 years ago.
Interlink controller from realflight isn't very compatible with the software, switches don't work..
Thus means an actually transmitter needs to be used. I think we have an old Dx7 in the cabinets that should suffice.
Using a real controller mean recharging the controller everyone once and a while, might have to get a new battery for the Dx7.
Take off from ground is a little unrealistic. (Dragging take off on the real copters makes the model's gyro crazy and flips over, doesn't happen in simulator)
Doesn't have a GPS lock feature (or anything that I have found).
Has waypoint system, but no automated mission mode. (obvious for fpv flight).

For 100 bucks, this is worth it. Just for the copters stability systems. Using a real controller is great because it will let the training pilot be more familiar with the location of all the switches. And with a real transmitter, you are in control of the signals to the model.

RealFlight 6 should still be a first as it provides a better Acro flight mode with better physics and wind conditions. Stabilization mode should never be used with a trainee at novice level.


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