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On the frontiers of drones and science

It's an exciting time to be involved with science based applications for drones. A few weeks ago I posted an article on drone usage in geology. For Ecosynth in particular, last week we saw …


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Drone Applications in Geology

I read this pretty cool press release from the University of Bergen on using drones to help identify potential reserves of oil.

While the video doesn't do a great job of actually demonstrating the copters functioning, it is pretty neat to see how their equipment…


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More inspiration for our 3D viewer

One of the goals for Ecosynth is to develop a highly interactive 3D viewer of our ground scans, where users can virtually walk through a forest and interact with the point cloud; select and identify individual trees, tag species, etc. 

This fellow named Stavros developed a WebGL/Javascript…


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Learning to fly

With the winter break creating some level of downtime in terms of work to be done, I've been able to turn my attention towards becoming a skilled pilot with our RC aircraft. As someone who has never done any sort of hobbyist RC flying, I think I have developed a fairly good way to develop the necessary skills. 

Our wiki page details the tools we have available for flight training (this will shortly…


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Walking through a digitized forest

Recently I've been working with the TLS data that was collected this summer (my first blog post discussed this in some detail here). Specifically I'm working with TLS scans that happened on the ground in our test forest of Herbert Run. 


This is what working with the data looks like; it is a digitized real world forest. Viewing this laser data is amazing. To me it…


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A dream copter design

Something along this line would probably be an ideal end goal for our copters. Reducing complexity is never a bad thing. 

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On Sandy and Ecosynth

Happy belated holiday folks!

While visiting my parents in downstate NY for the holidays, I couldn't help but think of Ecosynth.

This area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I decided to take a long hike around the pretty sizable woods around my house (seen in the image to the right). I spent most…


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Up and Away

Howdy all

Today will mark roughly the third week of me joining the Ecosynth project (technically I started 8/16/2012). It has been an exciting and eventful three weeks to experience, and I couldn't be happier working on the project.

I'd like to share a little bit of what I have been doing here so far.

Yep. That's a…


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