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Ecosynth Wiki Update & Training Workshop

The last few weeks have been an exciting time for the Ecosynth Project with the release of a greatly updated Wiki and a successful training workshop for folks from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD).



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Organization for Tropical Studies Article

Ecosynth hexacoptero

Here's a link to the Organization for Tropical Studies article about our recent Ecosynth workshop/demo in San José.


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Having built up some pretty good momentum from yesterday's success, Jonathan and I set out today with the lofty goal of completing 8 missions. WE SUCCEEDED!

In the morning we flew two ridge sites that had been the location of our epic crashes last January. Both flights came off without a hitch.

Next, we traveled to the property of a previous grad student of our…


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Ecosynth Goes To Costa Rica

Jonathan and I arrived in at Las Cruses Biological Station, outside of San Vito, early this week.  We are here  to conduct Ecosynth scans of plots in a forest restoration project.  I spent the last few months preparing for my first international research trip and expected all to go as I had planned out in my color-coded spreadsheets.  I even humored Jonathan and added the few…


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Copter Christening

Stephen has completed two of three hybrid conversions and now it's time to name them.    Stephen will of course have the final say as it has been his time and effort in designing and building these babies but, we are asking the Ecosynth community to aid us in this endeavor.  Previous copter names are Hexa1, Hexa2, Roflkopter, Frankenstein, Sally, and Raven.  We admit some are…


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Mission Planning Lessons

Lesson 1: Don't assume current high resolution images or DEMs will be available for the mission sites.

I have come to realize how spoiled I've been with the  plethora of recent datasets at my fingertips.  Not only is the image to the left outdated but, a number of the sites are obscured by some rogue clouds.

Solution: Gather as much bits and pieces of data as…


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Sokkisha Training

This summer we were very fortunate to have Andrew Bofto on our forestry team to  layout the 25 x 25m inventory grid with a surveying total station.  This fall however he moved on to another lab to follow his love for hydrology.  Before he left he had trained me on a Sokkia total station so I could shoot the center points needed to complete our tree inventory.  Shortly…


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Flight Training

I've been practicing my flight control  with the blade mQX ultra micro helicopter in the hallways at night.  The hall is about 3m x 60m and I simple walk it back and forth down maintaining the same height and speed.  It has helped a great deal in developing muscle memory.…


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Ecosynth Mission at Las Cruces Biological Station

Jonathan and I will be headed to Costa Rica this January to work with Karen Holl, Zak Zahawi, and Leighton Reid on their NSF- funded project studying applied nucleation as a forest restoration strategy.  I will be flying over 13 site containing 3- 50 x 50 m plots of various forest cover.  While this sort of work is an old hat to Jonathan, this will be both my first Ecosynth…


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First Mission Training Point Cloud

I have successfully created my first point cloud from data gathered near CERA.  Today I will begin georeferencing with help from Jonathan.

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Mission Training

I successfully completed the data acquisition portion of my first mission today with Stephen's help.  I planned and executed the flying mission of a 150m x 150m plot in the Conservation and Environmental Research Area (CERA) just east of Pig Pen Pond on the UMBC campus.  The images are processing in PhotoScan which will render a point cloud by…


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Updated Forest Inventory

We are making progress on our tree inventory endeavor.  We have completed all but 14 of the forested plots in Herbert Run and will then be turning our attention to completing the Knoll.  In addition to recording species, DBH & geological location we will also be measuring the height of trees w/ DBH greater than…


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UMBC Knoll Inventory underway

After months of tagging, measuring, and databasing we have the first fruits of our labor.  The image shows the inventoried tress on the west side of the Knoll organized by diameter at breast.  More completed plots and species identification to follow.

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