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A dream copter design

Something along this line would probably be an ideal end goal for our copters. Reducing complexity is never a bad thing. 

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Aerial Maps

This article, written on October 29, 2012 from GIM International, is about an aerial map of all of the trees, which has just been launched by Bluesky for the entire UK; Bluesky has already made aerial maps for various parts of the UK. This information will be available to the public. Like all tree maps, this is a conservation effort.

I really liked this…


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On Sandy and Ecosynth

Happy belated holiday folks!

While visiting my parents in downstate NY for the holidays, I couldn't help but think of Ecosynth.

This area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I decided to take a long hike around the pretty sizable woods around my house (seen in the image to the right). I spent most…


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Mission Planning Lessons

Lesson 1: Don't assume current high resolution images or DEMs will be available for the mission sites.

I have come to realize how spoiled I've been with the  plethora of recent datasets at my fingertips.  Not only is the image to the left outdated but, a number of the sites are obscured by some rogue clouds.

Solution: Gather as much bits and pieces of data as…


Added by Dana Nadwodny on November 20, 2012 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Google Earth 6 Feature

This post from the Reuters Environment Forum is about Google Earth 6, a feature that was added that lets people see trees in 3-D. This feature has been applied to trees in cities, and different forests. The goal of this feature is to help with conservation by creating images.

I found this post very interesting because it is similar to what we are doing with…


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My Thoughts on Sokkisha Total Station

There had been a bottle neck in the field work due to a lack of center points which is critical for our field method. We had the total station Sokkisha to do the center points, however no one was familiar with how to use it correctly. Dana asked me to learn how to use it by reading the manual. Having no prior knowledge of total stations I found this to be a challenge…


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Sokkisha Training

This summer we were very fortunate to have Andrew Bofto on our forestry team to  layout the 25 x 25m inventory grid with a surveying total station.  This fall however he moved on to another lab to follow his love for hydrology.  Before he left he had trained me on a Sokkia total station so I could shoot the center points needed to complete our tree inventory.  Shortly…


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Field Techniques

I came across this report on methods for tree mapping; it is by the Tropical Forest Foundation in Indonesia. While I was looking through it, I noticed that the procedures that are used are very similar to the ones that we use. However, I did notice some interesting differences, such as:

-They use 20 by 20 meter plots instead of our 25 by 25 meters.



Added by Maeve Tilly on November 12, 2012 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

PBS NOVA - "Mystery of Easter Island" features drone mapping and computer vision!

Last night the PBS show NOVA featured archaeological research on Easter Island that made use of both drones and computer vision for reconstructing a theory for how the great Moai…


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Progress thus far...

When I resumed working with Ecosynth this year, I was very unfamiliar with the techniques that were being used. Since then, I have become more efficient, and learned how everything works. The most challenging part for me is learning how to set up. I have learned how most of the process works, but still need more practice.

I have done two types of data entry so…


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Open source GIS

I wanted to share this interesting little post from Tom MacWright I saw on the use of Python and a few open source libraries for GIS analysis.  The author used libraries like Shapely and …


Added by Jonathan Dandois on November 1, 2012 at 9:56am — 3 Comments

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