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Flight Training

I've been practicing my flight control  with the blade mQX ultra micro helicopter in the hallways at night.  The hall is about 3m x 60m and I simple walk it back and forth down maintaining the same height and speed.  It has helped a great deal in developing muscle memory.…


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Study Conducted Related to a Previous Blog Post

Today, I read a paper called “Recent Growth Increases in an Eastern Forest—A Response to Climate Change?” that related to my blog post concerning the relationship between carbon dioxide and tree growth. It is a study that was conducted by Geoffrey G. Parker, around the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. In this post, I would like to talk about the methods that…


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High Precision Real Time GPS on a Smartphone?

I just saw an article in the open access journal Sensors describing an algorithm and Android App for real-time high precision GPS processing, referred to as NRTK (Network Real-Time Kinematic). This system could allow for very precise GPS…


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Impact of English Ivy and Other Vines

My last blog post addressed the question of the relationship between carbon

dioxide and tree growth. This week, I would like to present a new potential

research topic concerning vines and the negative impact they have on trees.

English Ivy, an invasive species, is known to be dangerous to trees because

it can prevent photosynthesis and eventually…


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Ecosynth Mission at Las Cruces Biological Station

Jonathan and I will be headed to Costa Rica this January to work with Karen Holl, Zak Zahawi, and Leighton Reid on their NSF- funded project studying applied nucleation as a forest restoration strategy.  I will be flying over 13 site containing 3- 50 x 50 m plots of various forest cover.  While this sort of work is an old hat to Jonathan, this will be both my first Ecosynth…


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Trees Next to the Road

An interesting question to consider for future research would be carbon dioxide and how it affects tree growth. A couple of weeks ago, Svetlana…


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First Mission Training Point Cloud

I have successfully created my first point cloud from data gathered near CERA.  Today I will begin georeferencing with help from Jonathan.

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This Past Week...

This past week I learned several new things. Since it was raining on Tuesday, I did data entry for the first time in the office. I was a little slow at first, but by the end of the day, I understood the process, and what it entailed.

It was beautiful on Friday, and we were able to get more work done on the Knoll with the help of more volunteers. I got to see and…


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Beautiful field day at the Knoll today!

Maeve, Svetlana and Natalie, together with two new forest mapping volunteers got some nice forest work done today- must have been the best weather of the year!

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Hey all.

Right now I'm repairing from the latest crash and need to seek some advice about motors.  I had wobbly propellers which were causing a lot of vibration and making navigation difficult if not impossible.  So I replaced the housings on all the motors, meaning they've all got straight shafts now.  However definitely two, maybe three of the motors still vibrate pretty badly, and the propellers are wobbly.  Since the shaft is brand new, I'm assuming the problem comes from…

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Fall Training: Baby Steps for New Pilots

Does that copter look a little low to the ground?  That's because it is!  Will and I are taking the first steps in learning to pilot the Mikrokopter Hexa.  Will had displayed a sound understanding of our toy training copters in the lab, so I decided to start him on the hexa after Dana and I had finished…


Added by Stephen Gienow on October 1, 2012 at 5:26pm — 2 Comments

Mission Training

I successfully completed the data acquisition portion of my first mission today with Stephen's help.  I planned and executed the flying mission of a 150m x 150m plot in the Conservation and Environmental Research Area (CERA) just east of Pig Pen Pond on the UMBC campus.  The images are processing in PhotoScan which will render a point cloud by…


Added by Dana Nadwodny on October 1, 2012 at 5:25pm — 2 Comments

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