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Automatic Takeoff and Landing Are A Go!

The video says it all!  Due to the new Arducopter 3.0.0 software update, our hexa now flies well enough to implement auto takeoff plus landing.  In this video, the entire flight is automatic except when I started and stopped the copter.  In takeoff areas free of obstacles like trees, the copter can be automatically taken off and landed. This saves time and battery…


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Publishing Ecological Data

What is the best way to publish our ecological datasets  (tree stem maps, computer vision 3D point clouds, canopy height maps, photo sets, etc.) to the web so that the data is accessible and citable?

This question comes up almost weekly in our lab meetings. This summer, it is one of my goals as an Ecosynth RA to identify the best way (or at least a very good way!) for us to publish our various datasets online that achieve two main goals: 1) make the data easily…


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Erle just signed me up so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm interesting in the application of geospatial technology in ecology and conservation.

I work for the Yorkshire Peat Partnership. We're a not-for-profit organisation carrying out restoration of degraded peat bog habitats in the uplands of the UK.

Peatlands are the…


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Scorpions and Shotguns -- Ecosynth goes to Panama

Scorpions, shotguns, lianas, chiggers, ticks, howler monkeys, tree climbing, and 85% humidity - oh what a field experience!  I am sitting on a porch overlooking Lake Gatun and the Panama Canal at the Barro Colorado Island research station of the Smithsonian Tropical…


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On the frontiers of drones and science

It's an exciting time to be involved with science based applications for drones. A few weeks ago I posted an article on drone usage in geology. For Ecosynth in particular, last week we saw …


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Larger area Coverage from Post Processing

The post processing scripts are mostly done, in theory. Bugs are still coming in, like the one with the rotation of the DTM, something which shall forever be my bane, but it all runs. We've made an html GUI for our own internal use, specifically to allow faster comparisons between our point clouds and the point clouds generated by a lidar scan of the same area. I have heard whisperings of a GUI for the full implementation, but until I can get more feedback on how people want such a thing to…


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Ecosynth - The Future of Remote Sensing for Forest Ecology

Ecosynth techniques are truly transforming the study of forest ecosystems and the field of remote sensing.  Our most recent Ecosynth publication in the journal Remote Sensing of Environment is available open-access thanks to support from the…


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Groundbreaking New 500 by 500 Meter Photo Collection

This is a screenshot from Ecosynth's brand new 500 by 500 meter photo acquisition method!

This is Wolfgang: our newest octocopter.  It flew the 500 by 500 meter mission.  Wolfgang is our biggest and heaviest copter, it can carry four lipo batteries plus its…


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