May 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Drone Applications in Geology

I read this pretty cool press release from the University of Bergen on using drones to help identify potential reserves of oil.

While the video doesn't do a great job of actually demonstrating the copters functioning, it is pretty neat to see how their equipment…


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Ecosynth MK-Ardu Octo Hybrid Parts List

I have posted a public Google Spreadsheet parts list of the Mikrokopter-Arducopter hybrid that we use. Stephen has developed a craft that uses Mikrokopter motors and frame and Arducopter flight electronics. With four 5000 mAh batteries it can achieve flights around 30 minutes - perhaps longer with some in-development modifications including larger batteries with better…


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Estimating Vineyard Canopy LAI with a SfM Point Cloud

Hello all,

My name is Adam, I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Texas State University-San Marcos in San Marcos, Texas (between Austin and San Antonio).  I, along with my co-author and advisor Jennifer Jensen, recently published a paper in Remote Sensing using a UAV-collected structure from motion (SfM) point cloud to estimate vineyard canopy LAI at a study vineyard in the Texas Hill Country.  

Using the point cloud instead of a lidar dataset, we…


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Public opinions

What is a way to better inform the public of our goals? How do we prevent misinformed people from compromising our work? For my blog post this week I want to talk about one of the issues I have seen while working in the field. Sometimes people come to our plots and rip tags off trees or remove flagging etc. How…


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