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Tree Tagging

For my blog this week I looked up different methods of tree tagging. The main problems that come with tagging are finding a cost effective, durable, and environmentally friendly way to mark the trees but still be able to identify each tree relatively fast. There are multiple methods but each method has ups and downs. The aluminum tags we use in the lab are effective but if…


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Last time I did it without the marker, the tree was correctly reconstructed. (see below)

I went back to the field yesterday and collected more data using the red marker Jonathan used for laser scans. I did the same walking-around-a-tree thing (not a perfect circle this time because there were obstacles (tree branches with…


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Ground data acquisition experiments (part 1: Apr 17, 2013)

I have been testing data acquisition method using the Android tablet. Most of the attempts failed:

1. Stand at one point in the middle of the forest, and rotate by 360 degrees - eye level


2. Stand at one point in the middle of the forest, and tilt the tablet up, and rotate by 360 degrees - about 60 degrees…

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Back to Basics Training Discussion

I posted a new discussion on the forums about some thoughts on training Ecosynth experts in the technical aspects of building, programming and troubleshooting the copters.

Perhaps we should develop a simple…


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Forest inventory

This week I did a little research into forestry techniques and found an interesting powerpoint with helpful tips that go over creating a forest inventory from the rainforest coalition. This powerpoint goes over aspects such as plot size, shape, area stratification, and dealing with slopes

. I found this to be helpful to understand the actual process of creating a…


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This weekend I found the heights of some trees in the knoll so I did some research to better understand how exactly a hypsometer works. Modern hypsometers like the TruPulse model we use in the lab fire a laser to establish a triangle then use trigonometry to calculate the exact height of the tree from angles and lines of this triangle. Three laser…


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Thought question about 3D mapping

At what point does a map and 3D scans of an area lose value? How old can a 3D scan be to be used as reference? When should maps and 3D scans be updated to reflect changes in the landscape? 

While doing some field work this week I ran into an issue and thought of a question that I could ask the Ecosynth community. I was using an older aerial…


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AeroSim-RC Includes Multirotors and Detailed Training

I stumbled across the software AeroSim-RC today and think it is exactly what we need in the lab to train our Ecosynth experts for flying.

It includes several models of multirotor and what looks like a really comprehensive training / lesson program that tracks progress and accomplishment of training…


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Lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles will revolutionize spatial ecology

A new article by Karen Anderson and Kevin Gaston published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment looks at the tremendous potential that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will have to transform they way that scientists are able to conduct ecological research.

The authors…


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Ecosynth at ASPRS 2013

Last week I presented a talk on Ecosynth at the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) conference in downtown Baltimore.  My talk focused on presenting aerial Ecosynth as a remote sensing sampling tool, capable of mapping canopy structural and spectral traits at high spatial and temporal resolution.  I was in a session on LIDAR methods with several speakers with whom I was…


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