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Ecosynth in the Human Landscapes of Costa Rica

I love this shot from the video that Leighton captured of one of our Hexa landings this week.  I think it really highlights some of the really great parts and the challenging parts of field work.  First, our field sites are beautiful.  We are surrounded by…


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Ecosynth Goes To Costa Rica

Jonathan and I arrived in at Las Cruses Biological Station, outside of San Vito, early this week.  We are here  to conduct Ecosynth scans of plots in a forest restoration project.  I spent the last few months preparing for my first international research trip and expected all to go as I had planned out in my color-coded spreadsheets.  I even humored Jonathan and added the few…


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Hexacopter near-miss in Agua Buena, Costa Rica

Today we* flew a hexacopter over two restoration plots in southern Costa Rica to characterize the structure of the regenerating vegetation compared to nearby mature tropical forest. We had a near-miss when the hexacopter went into free fall over a bean field outside of Agua Buena. Fortunately Jonathan was able to regain control before the device hit the deck. The precise problem that the hexacopter had is still unclear.

Check out a…


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Some sights in Herbert Run

Egg-sacs and web of an Orb weaver spider.  These can be found all throughout our locations on low-lying branches:…


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Initial Rasters and comaprisons

The system can at this point can produce the raster images from the point cloud, so that is a plus. That said, there are some discrepancies between my rasters and the old ones.

Here is the side by side comparison between serc_pscan_chm.txt(right) and the raster that the system can produce(left), both of these show the heights of the trees with respect to the ground as…


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Learning to fly

With the winter break creating some level of downtime in terms of work to be done, I've been able to turn my attention towards becoming a skilled pilot with our RC aircraft. As someone who has never done any sort of hobbyist RC flying, I think I have developed a fairly good way to develop the necessary skills. 

Our wiki page details the tools we have available for flight training (this will shortly…


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First Week at Ecosynth

I have jumped right into field work with the Ecosynth team: using DBH tapes, center pointing, and for the first few days Natalie Cheeto and I were using the hypsometer to measure tree heights.  Below are a couple pictures:

Natalie Cheeto:



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Ecosynth Internship Reflection

Ecosynth Internship Reflection

When I first came to UMBC, I was not quite sure what I wanted to do in my freshman year. At first, I was going to major in Modern Languages and Linguistics with a French focus. However, I have always wanted to work with animals, so I was considering Environmental Science with an ecology focus. I decided to take Introduction…


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