Getting Started

Getting started with Ecosynth Aerial

To get started with Ecosynth Aerial you will need several components.

  1. UAV Aircraft: Our platforms page details various aircraft we have tested. We recommend 3DR ArduCopter Hexa-C Ready-to-fly
  2. Digital Camera: We recommend using the Canon SD4000. Our cameras page details other cameras we have tested.
  3. Computer Vision Software:
  4. Data tools: Our Ecosynth Aerial Application contains all the tools needed to process and analyze point clouds generated from Computer Vision software. 

Steps to follow if collecting your own data:

If you wish to collect your own data, having a digital camera and UAV Aircraft is necessary. Learning to proficiently fly these aircraft is very important. You can follow our flight training procedure here

Once you have developed the skills to fly, you must plan a mission over your desired location using properly geo-referenced ortho-imagery. Follow the steps in the data processing guide here.

Steps to follow if processing data:

If you wish simply to process and analyze data without conducting a flight, we have a standard test dataset found here. It contains the raw images of a partial flight that can be analyzed with computer vision software. It also contains an already reconstructed point cloud, as well as telemetry data that is ready to use with our Ecosynth Aerial Application.

For instructions on how to use our Ecosynther point cloud generation software, go to our User Guide here.

Getting started with Ecosynth Ground

Still in development.




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