BCI - Panama

In June of 2013 Ecosynth was invited to Panama by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute conduct 3D scanning of the 50 hectare permanent plot of the STRI Barro Colorado Island research station.  All trees within the 50 ha plot have been censused every five years for the past few decades and this site represents one of the most well studied tropical forests in the world.

We flew an Octocopter over the entire 50 ha plot several times over the course of one week with the goal of demonstrating high spatial and temporal resolution remote sensing for tracking canopy seasonal dynamics.  

Check out the content below to navigate one of the 3D point clouds in our Ecosynth browser and explore a high resolution image mosaic generated using Agisoft Photoscan and displayed using Zoom.it.

Click here to go navigate the 3D point cloud of the 50 ha plot.


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