Hi all. I recently purchased a 3dr x8+ and have been getting used to it by flying some test missions, etc. All good but I feel like I need to waterproof the thing. I am going to be flying over some humid areas and some rivers and wetlands. I know about the conformal spray so I may just start with that but I was hoping I could cover the electronics in some waterproof housing (without adding to much weight or heating up the electronics). I am also thinking of adding a "crab"-style landing gear. This is mainly so I can add padding at the bottom for extra protection and for the ability to land/float on water in case of an emergency. Adding pool noodles or pipe insulation to the skids should do the trick. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I am looking at this frame from QuadFrame.us. It's meant for a DJI F450 but I think it will work with the X8.

Any thoughts?

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