Hi there,

I'm a new user here.

We have a 3D robotics x8 and have been doing calibration with Mission Planner. We're running into a problem with calibrating the radio controls for the Spektrum DX7s. When we get to the point in Mission Control set up where you move the joysticks nothing happens on screen with the calibration. We went in and bound the receiver to the copter again. We clicked the start calibration button, and there were definitely solid orange lights on both the transmitter and receiver. So I'm pretty sure that we did bind them  correctly.

Not sure what's going on here - any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Hi Jesse,  Welcome to Ecosynth (and thanks for putting this up on the forums).  This is bizarre.

I just thought of something to try. With your Spektrum receiver kit there should be two main pieces of electronics: the spektrum satellite (the little small guy with two wires and one input jack) and the actual receiver with multiple channel inputs.  You would have used them both for the binding (along with the bind plug).   We don't want the bind plug for this, just the satellite and receiver.  Get power to the receiver, as in the binding instructions (http://wiki.ecosynth.org/index.php?title=Bind_Spektrum) with the satellite attached to the reciever.  Remove a propellor from a motor and for that same motor unhook one of the ESC cables (the 3-wire cables) from the Pixhawk and connect it to the Throttle channel on the receiver.  If your bind is good you should be able to just apply some throttle on the controller (left stick up) and the motor should spin (that's why you take the prop off).    If this doesn't work then you have a binding issue and need to try to bind again.  If it does work then the problem is somewhere else down the line.

Good luck!  


Thanks for the tip Jonathan,

However, the ESC cables are glued together where they connect with the PDB, so we can't disconnect them.

Going to follow up with 3d robotics.

Take care,


Hi Jonathan,

We just had success. We re-downloaded and installed the configuration file for the radio.

All is well, calibration done.





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