Dear Prof. Ellis,

After our meeting last week we are sending to you the information about the site Meadows.kmz

Thanks a lot

Manuel, Michalis

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Hi Michalis,

Thanks for the site map!  We will evaluate aerial system options and get back to you here soon!


Thanks Prof. Ellis


Looks like an interesting site.  I'll enter it into Mission Planner on Monday when I get back into the lab.  A few questions: Where do you think you will be taking off from?  Any flat area with few obstructions will do.  The closer to the collection area, the better.  Second: are there any areas that you need to avoid flying over?  I see houses, rail lines, and a medium sized road near your collection area.  That is up to your preference; even though they are outside of your collection area, our flight plans usually include buffer area outside of the area of interest to insure a full data collection.


Hello Stephen

Yes there is a flat area next to the highway, I think the only area that we need to avoid is just the highway just for safety reasons.

Dear Mikalis,

By highway, do you mean Washington Street, or the larger road nearby?  Avoiding Washington Street would be difficult, seeing as the area of interest is bounded by it in part.  If avoiding Washington Street is desired (and I would be reluctant to fly over it), then the best we can do is flying near but not over it.  The reason we would want to fly over it is to maintain a buffer area outside of the area of interest, which ensures that the points inside the area of interest all have roughly the same coverage of overlapping photos.

Also, could you give the GPS coordinates for your planned launch site?  I wasn't sure where you meant, and a launch site is needed for the mission planning.

Yes I am talking about Washington str. If you want we can fly over it, I was just mentioning that for safety reasons, since you know how to fly this it should be ok. I am sending you now the launch site.


Ok, thanks Michalis.  I'll have a chat with Jonathan and Dr. Ellis about how we feel about that road.



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