To get the most accurate 3D scans at sites without high grade georeferenced ground markers, we need the most accurate GPS systems we can install in Arducopters.

DIYDrones says this is now the best:
ublox LEA-6H module

Is this correct?

How does it stack up next to the mikrokopter GPS we were using before?

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I think this is the one we are currently using with the Ardus:

This model can get up to 10Hz refresh rate (optional by firmware), but the new one will go to 5hz.

In addition I note that these devices are capable of real-time DGPS, but that it might not be turned on by default. We should check into these new GPS and also check the firmware settings in our current GPS to make sure we are getting the most out of the hardware.

Im not sure what gen of GPS we are on with Mikrokopter, but lists the U-blox LEA-6S as the GPS on the latest MK-GPS board, which is one step below the 6H that Erle indicates.  The 6S can only use the US GPS satellite system, while the 6H should be able to use the US, European (Galileo) and Russian (GLONASS) GPS systems:

The Ublox brand GPS for Arducopter is essentially the same GPS as we've already been using for Mikrokopter.

I agree that the LEA-6H is the best GPS currently compatible with Arducopter.  The only alternative right now is the MediaTek MT3329, which has poorer accuracy.

The GPS included with Mikrokopter is LEA-6S, an almost identical GPS.  Going by the LEA-6 series data sheet, the only difference is the ability of the LEA-6H (the Arducopter one) to flash the firmware to allow it to receive signal from Russian GLONASS satellites.  This could prove advantageous for accurate positioning readings from the copter, so I'll look up the protocol for flashing the firmware.

We are currently already using the LEA-6H for our Arducopters.

You sure we have the LEA-6H on our Ardus?  I checked the spec on the MEGA kits that we just ordered and that says they ship with the lower quality Mediateks.

Really?  Because I included in the order spreadsheet to pick the Ublox GPS option.  Also they arrived during the week with LEA-6H's included, I already have one all hooked up.

Oh I see now.  We ordered the APM 2.5, not the 2.0.  That must have been an old link that went to the 2.0 order.  The 2.5's got here just fine with their LEA-6H's.

OK. That is kind of confusing, but I'm glad we have the right ones!

Thanks Stephen - will be great to see if we can get combined gps+glonass accuracy!

The higher the accuracy the better.

Would be awesome if this one became available:

This is the upcoming version (7) and is pin to pin compatible with version 6!

Just to follow up on this, a recent article in the open source journal Sensors describes a algorithm for real time RTK GPS positioning on an Android smartphone! Link here.

How cool would it be to incorporate that into our systems?

Too cool!  Who will investigate to determine whether this would be a viable strategy for us?  Stephen maybe?



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