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First off, this is my first time using the EcosynthAerial tools and I'm very impressed, way to go! I am trying to filter out noise and then apply MCC-LiDAR to point clouds already-processed and georeferenced in PhotoScan/ArcGIS. My goal is to replicate the Point Cloud processing and DTM filtering methods from Zahawi (2015) with Python and MCC-LiDAR. But I have a question about the ecosynth>postprocess>CloudRasterizer module.

If I want to apply a local filter to remove noise via a 10 m grid to an XYZRGB array would I follow this order of methods? Has anyone else gone through these steps or used EcosynthAerial differently for this process?

  • Initialize CloudRasterizer Instance with array
  • Run .cloud_to_grid
  • Run ._filter_noise_z_local
  • Convert the grid back to an array via .grid_to_cloud
  • Export as ASCII XYZRGB text file

Based on the difference in lengths of my input and output arrays it appears that this has worked but I want to make sure that what I'm seeing is not the product of faulty workflow.

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